Amy Scarpa

The Merry-Go-Round

Surviving the Ups and Downs of Married Life

Getting on the Merry Go Round

About Amy

Amy has been a daughter, sibling, mother, wife and a singer/songwriter for most of her adult life. Besides her love for family and her music, Amy loves Jesus Christ and has been actively involved in using her gifts and talents to bring glory to God.

Her new found love of writing has given her a passion to share her life experiences to help others. If you would like to take part, share her book with those who would benefit from her story.


The Purpose Behind the Book

When you live with someone for forty years you both experience a variety of emotion. There are times when you laugh and other times when you cry for hours, but the love you have is like a safety net that keeps you from falling apart.

If it had not been for the prayers of many people and the love of God, we would not have lasted more than a few. This book has been written to document both our good days and bad and hopefully will help you and your spouse.

Saving Your Marriage

Is it worth it to you?

When you have been through the struggles that sometimes come along with marriage, it can bring you to a place where you might question whether or not it’s worth the fight. After all, it’s not what it was when you fell in love, right?

Our marriage seemed like it was made in Heaven, until things in our lives got out of control and we thought there was no hope. Thankfully, God was still working in our hearts to help us to see where we went wrong. Our next thirty plus years were not perfect, (as you will see in the book) but our love was stronger than our differences.


Premarital Counseling

Getting married is an exciting event, but when the excitement wears off and you are learning to live with one another, you will find that it's more than an occasion. Take the time to discuss the details and it will pay dividends.

Got Questions?

Maybe you are here because you want to make sure your marriage does not fail, or you are stuggling through some issues and have questions.
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Need Prayer?

God knows everything there is to know about you and your relationship. He is the creator of marriage and He can restore yours. Let us put your requests in God's hands and watch and see what He will do. What have you got to lose?

The Wedding Day

Often, we fall in love with our spouse, enjoy getting to know them and then we spend the next year or so picking apart everything they do or how they do it.

We spend so much time planning for the big day, but never take the time to communicate what we believe about raising children, managing money or what is important about life.

We have been down the same road and made the same mistakes and almost did not make it. Thankfully, we did, and our story has been told to help you learn from our experiences.

If you have been blessed by our story,  please let us know.

Wedding Day
"To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, rich or poor, in sickness and health, until death do us part."
Be Faithful to your vows
Don't let the reception be the only thing you remember!

Surviving The Ups & Downs of Married Life

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